Top 5 Ways to Win in 2024

Well here we are at the beginning of another New Year! It is another new year that holds so much promise and potential! A Fresh Start, A Blank Canvas,  A Reset Button. Do you find yourself excited or scared about the prospect of hanging up that Fresh New Calendar with nothing on it?

It is your blank canvas ready for you to build your very own vision of what you want for YOUR future.

I personally love the New Year and making plans for what my next 365 days will be and what I will accomplish. I practice a number of traditions / or rituals that I make the time to do every year.

Here are your 5 Tips for Winning in 2024

Tip #1 –  Write Down Your Goals

– Think about improvements that you want to make in your life. If the goal is really large, maybe it would make sense to make it a 3-5 year goal, but don’t disregard it.

– When you are writing your goals, look at all areas of your life and choose one or two things you would like to improve upon in each of those areas if you think they need some improvement.


Areas of your life include: 

  1. Physical/ Health 
  2. Personal Relations – Including Partner, Family and Friends
  3. Professional/ Career
  4. Financial 
  5. Spirituality / Mindset / Emotional
  6. Fun / Personal Time

Tip #2 – Break Down Each of your Goals into Steps

You can start at the end and work your way backwards to figure out a realistic timeline and look at what small changes you can make to move towards your larger goal.


Tip #3 – Put it in your Calendar

Put the steps of each goal onto that blank calendar & make a plan for when you will give time and energy to each of your goals.

Tip #4 – Review your Goals Often

It is important to not get distracted and forget your goals, so review them often. Put them somewhere convenient (like the notes on your phone… hint, hint), and make it part of your daily or weekly routine to review your goals.

Tip #5 – Take Action

You now have everything you need to move forward. Remove the excuses and make the time to execute – maybe that means getting up earlier in the morning, to focus some time without distractions to work on things that are important to you, to move you forward!

Bonus Tip #6 – Give yourself Grace

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end! If things don’t go as planned, each new day is a clean slate to make a change and start again! You got this!!!

We all have the same 365 days…..what will you do with yours?