Mazinaw Lake

Shore Length

49 km

Maximum Depth

475.72 feet

Fish Species

Bass, walleye and pike. The cold depths are also home to a healthy population of highly prized lake trout.

Cottage Association

Mazinaw Lake Cottage Association

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Lake Facts

Mazinaw Lake is a lake in the Addington Highlands north of Kaladar in Eastern Ontario. The lake is situated on the upper Mississippi River. It is the seventh-deepest lake in Ontario, including the Great Lakes. There is a narrows which divides the lake into two sections: South Mazinaw, and North Mazinaw, with North Mazinaw being larger and deeper. Bon Echo Provincial Park encompasses the central section of the lake, including the narrows between North and South Mazinaw and the Mazinaw Rock formation. The lake’s name comes from Mazinaabikinigan-zaaga’igan, meaning “painted-image lake” in Algonkian, referring to the pictographs on Mazinaw Rock which overlooks the lake. The Mazinaw Rock, located on the eastern side of North Mazinaw, features over 260 native pictographs – the largest visible collection in Canada